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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Krabi beaches are best defined as subtle sand beaches waiting to stroke your foot movements gently. They make you feel at peace from within. You feel as if nature were standing in front of you, gazing at you and inviting you to come join her. You feel coerced by unseen forces and cannot help but give in to the temptation.

The beaches are pristine and spread over a large area stretching up to hundreds of miles. They are a visual spectacle to observe from a distance. They become more endearing when you go toward them to really get a feel of what they exactly are.

Aao Nang is the most famous of all Krabi Beaches. Right in its midst are towering cliffs overlooking long stretches of white sand. The beach is most famous for being a harbor where all the boats are kept tied. People are allotted their respective rowers with whom they go boating to get a feel of being in the middle of the water. In short, the beach makes for an idyllic postcard shot.

A lot of hotels and bungalows are located along the Aao Nang beach. Tourists rent these sites to stay put. The pick of all Krabi Beaches is also the name of the most famous tourist center in this part of Thailand. Beach Resorts are famous for their sea food, liquor and the comfort they offer.

Apart from Aao Nang, Railey and Nopparathara are two other highly famous Krabi Beaches. The former makes for lazy afternoons and chilled out evenings and the latter is quiet and docile. It is also lined up with swaying casuarinas trees. Noppathara is also a very highly sought after weekend getaway for the natives given all the delicacies served during this time. Fried Chicken, Spicy Papaya Salad and Chilled Coconuts make for a sumptuous combination.

The Klong Muang Beach is where all the boutiques and five star hotels are situated. The Tubkaak Beach is located a little further north from it. You find nothing but peace here. The fact that the place is enveloped by a jungle backdrop and neighbored by islands in the front makes visiting it even more adventurous.

The town of Koh Lanta is around 25 Kilometres from Krabi and home to some exotic sandy beaches. It is popular for backpackers and new luxury resorts have opened up in recent years. Trang is again abode to some lovely beaches and an undiscovered island which requires thorough exploration. The interiors are filled with caves, waterfalls, lagoons and hot springs and a paradise of sorts for adventure junkies.

These Krabi Beaches along with Aao Nang are high on the priority list of beach babies. They are idyllic for those who love lounging near the shores in their swimsuits and shorts. Sea Food is amazing. Crabs and trout are specialties. Both are favorites amongst the local folk who encourage every tourist they meet to try them out.

You may never feel closer to nature than by being at any of these beaches. They demonstrate how time can be frozen. You feel at home away from home and become so addicted that you struggle to let go off the place.

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